png toolkit  version history and roadmap

 New                               Improved                                Fixed

June 8, 2017


  • Added the tooltips option in the settings file of the application

  • Resolved the issue of not disabling tooltips in all tools windows
  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Slideshow application:
    • Fixed the issue of missing displaying of the Slideshow icon in the taskbar
    • Fixed the soundtrack displaying behavior when thumbnails viewer is displayed
    • Fixed the issue of long filenames displaying in the thumbnails viewer
    • Resolved the images list position if the thumbnails viewer is displayed

June 4, 2017


  • Added new button in the Resource Panel that reloads the last used folder refreshing the worklist; the button action depends on the enabled images type
  • Added the checkbox in the Special ToolBar to enable/disable all tooltips
  • Added status dialog window displayed in the images processing
  • Added language option for user interface of Slideshow player application in the Slideshow tool window
  • Slideshow player application:
    • Added thumbnails viewer
    • Added new slide selection methods
    • Added help file

  • Resolved the issue with thumbnails option not applied at any application start
  • Fixed the issue with button Invert in the Resource Panel that in some cases disables all buttons of images type selection
  • Fixed localization to English
  • Fixed the position of some controls after the Slideshow tool window resizing
  • Resolved the issue with button Settings in the Correction and Effects tool window that does not automatically apply changes
  • Fixed the selected folder loading in the recent folders list (File menu)
  • Resolved the issue with missing preview of caption style (bold, italic, underlined) in the Slideshow tool window
  • Resolved the issue with missing DLL in the standalone Slideshow player application on Windows 8, 10
  • Fixed localization to English in standalone Slideshow player application
  • Some minor bug fixes in the standalone Slideshow player application

  • Expanded list of thumbnails default size
  • Added QHD size in the default size list of the Resize tool window
  • Improved captions settings in the Slideshow tool window

April 27, 2017    First online publishing

    Added button to create hash codes (MD5, SHA1 and CRC32) from any files

  Fixed the issue  with Tif file creation

  Several minor bug fixed

December 10, 2016

  • First stable release


  • Responsive HTML Images Gallery
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to compressed archive (Zip)
  • New Slideshow Templates
  • HTML Colors Table
  • Crop Tool Improvement
  • Tools Usability Improvement
and much more...