PRODucts registration

Click on blue button to register your User License to continue to use the application after the evaluation period.

Before registering you must purchase the User License.


 registered users area

Click on red button to access your reserved area for the maintenance of your User License.

You must first register a product to access the restricted area.

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 online user's guide of PNG ToolKit Pro

Click the green button to access PNG ToolKit Professional's online help.

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Visit periodically the tutorials page to find out the latest published video tutorials, which will help you learn more about the main features of the applications created by Enzo Fleri.

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 How to uninstall APPLICATIONS

Application with installer

Applications installed through a setup file can be removed in the following methods:

(The following example refers to the PNG ToolKit uninstallation)

1st Method:

Click the left mouse button on the desktop shortcut to the application you want to remove and click Open File Location in the context menu that is displayed

Scroll the file list and double-click the left mouse button on the Uninstall.exe file

Confirm the uninstallation by clicking the Yes button

2nd Method:

Open the Settings panel  System  Apps & features, scroll the programs list, select the program you want to uninstall and then click Uninstall:

The Settings Panel (or Control Panel) might also have this appearance:

Application with zip archive

Applications extracted from a compressed archive, not installed through a setup file, do not have an automatic uninstall procedure and can be removed simply by moving the whole application folder to the trash bin.

 issues in programs activation

Registration ID  and License Key

General tips to solve some common issues related to programs activation.

The Registration ID is the Unique Identifier Code automatically generated by the application when it is started for the first time. It is generated on the basis of some hardware information of your machine (CPU, BIOS, HDD, NETWORK, etc.), and it is strictly related to the License Key, that is the activation key of the user license required to continue to use the application when the evaluation period is expired.


The author of the programs (Enzo Fleri) cannot get any information about the user PC through the Registration ID, but can only generate a unique key, named License Key, capable of activating the program installed by the user exclusively on the machine that has Generated its Registration ID.

Program activation and Antivirus

Rarely some antivirus, or other software categories, may interfere with the program activation process, preventing, for example, the correct registration and activation of the program. In such cases, simply install the program by temporarily disabling the Antivirus and any other software that is running.

Hardware changes

If the user makes any hardware changes in the machine where the application is installed, it may occur that the Registration ID no longer corresponds to the License Key previously activated and the following error message is displayed:

Many times, if hardware changes are temporary, such as temporarily deactivating the network adapter, just restore the previous hardware conditions to continue using the application without requiring a new activation and a new license Key.

License transferring to another machine

If the user has to replace his PC with a new one, or simply wants to use the application on a different machine, he must perform the License Transferring procedure that will remove the License Key from the old PC activating a new License Key on the new PC:

  • Access to the restricted area by clicking on this link (LOGIN), and type the required login data:
    • user:  the email used to register the User License
    • password: License Key (alphanumeric code used to activate the User License)
  • Download the utility:   pngtk-destroy.exe
  • Copy the file pngtk-destroy.exe in the main folder of the application (on the old PC) and run it with the double click of the left mouse button, the following window will be displayed:

  • Confirm the license removing on the old PC by clicking on the Yes button
  • Copy the alphanumeric code named Destroy-Code and the removing date and time (Date/Time):

  • Close the Destroy-Code window by clicking on the button Close: it will be displayed the window that will confirm the license removing on the old PC

  • Send the removing data via email to the following address   specifying as object: License Transferring Request

After having verified the removing data of the license, a confirmation email will be sent, usually within 2 business days, which will authorize the user to perform the registration and activation of the license on the new PC.


Until the removing data has been verified and confirmed, it will not be possible to request a new registration and activation of the license.

Permanent hardware modifications

If the user makes permanent modifications and updates to the hardware of the machine where it is installed and activated any application created by Enzo Fleri, he will have to request a new activation.