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Logo of Png ToolKit Professional

Png ToolKit is a built-in application designed for Windows Operating System containing a set of useful, user-friendly and low-cost tools to process bitmap images. Thanks to its friendly interface and low resource consumption, it guarantees excellent results both to experienced and beginner users, even using old PCs.

Photographers, Web Designers, Graphics, and anyone uses PNG, Tiff or Jpeg images for their creative work, will appreciate the many features available in Png ToolKit, a useful toolkit that you can always keep on hand.

The application is available in two editions:

  • Free Edition
  • Professional

The Free Edition can be used free for both personal and business purpouses; the only tool available in this edition is the optimization of PNG images for web publishing.

The Professional version, complete with all features, can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It is distributed as a Shareware (try-before-you-buy) and provides a free 30-day evaluation period, after which you will need to purchase your license to continue to use the application.

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  The most important features (pro edition):

  • Intuitive and user friendly multilanguage interface

  • Batch processing capability of multiple files

  • Fast and powerful images optimization for the Web

  • All the essential for images correction

  • Tools to make easier Rotation, Resize, Cropping and Cut of the images

  • Watermark tool

  • Filters and Artistic Effects

  • Slideshow creation

  • Html Images Gallery

  • Zip archive creation

  • Image Editing to print or create Images Gallery, Catalogs, Photographic Archives

  • Perpetual license

  • Designed to work with Windows  XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit)

  • Low resources consumption

  • Complete User Guide

 system requirements

ProcessorIntel Pentium / AMD Athlon  or equivalent - 700 MHz or faster
Monitor Resolution1024 x 768 px
HDD free disk spaceAt least 135 MB for installing
Operating System                    Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Some application features may require more resources to be used
The application requires administrative privileges to run


  • Png ToolKit - Resize tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Rotate and Flip tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Watermark tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Images Gallery tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Slideshow tool
  • PNG ToolKit - PNG Optimize tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Correction and Effects tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Correction and Effects tool
  • PNG ToolKit - MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 Hash Codes
  • PNG ToolKit - Html Gallery tool
  • PNG ToolKit - Backup Restore
  • Png ToolKit - Export tool
  • Png ToolKit - Special Conversions tool
  • Png ToolKit - Web Colors Table
  • Png ToolKit - Zip Archive tool

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Images amount for worklist
Rotate and Flip
Crop a selected area
Texts and Images as a Watermark
Images editing to create Images Gallery, Catalogues, Photographic Archives
PNG images optimization for web publishing
Html Images Gallery
Zip archive creation

Images Import Formats
TIFF, Dati URI(1)
TIFF, Dati URI(1)

Images Export Formats

JPEG Dati URI(1),
PNG Dati URI(1)
Jpeg quality comparison
Correct Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma, Color Temperature
Filter and Artistic Effects
Convert 24 bit images to 32 bit (with alpha channel)
Hash Codes creation
MD5, SHA1, CRC32
Backup of original images
Fast Data URIs( 1 ) creation
Create and save Worklists

Multilanguage User Interface( 2 )
Customize Application Settings

Worklist autostart
ImageMagick as a Graphical Processing Engine
Export to PDF format
24 new export formats
Import 56 different file formats, including the 20 most common RAW formats of the digital cameras, and convert them to PNG, Jpeg or Tiff formats
Table of Web safe colors
Images encryption with password and AES technology
Histograms display
Automatic Exposure Correction
Automatic Crop of the rotated images
Animated GIF creation

  file resize

File Resize Options

You can change the image size by manually entering values or by using the Zoom slider to increase or decrease the percentage


For example, through the File Resize tool you can quickly create images thumbnails

  canvas resize

Canvas Resize Options

Type the new size in pixels and choose the direction to apply to increase or reduce the canvas




Crop tool

This tool allows to easily crop an image


Rotate tool

Choose degrees and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and PNG ToolKit will make the rest.

PNG ToolKit easily corrects the horizon alignment in the landscape photos; enables the "Auto-crop" checkbox...


...and the program automatically crops the image to remove the empty triangles.


Would you like to publish your images on the Web? Are you a graphic designer or a photographer and do you have a creative work to show to your customer?

This tool allows to protect the images intellectual property applying texts and logos as a watermark; thanks to many customization options, you can get endless combinations with a few easy steps.


Watermark tool

   images  gallery

Editing tool to print or create Images Gallery, Catalogs, Photos Archives, etc.

Images Gallery


  • Slideshow - Template Default
  • Slideshow - Template Simple

This tool creates a slideshow also adding a soundtrack; the built-in player allows to run the slideshow on any PC with Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10). Two available templates: Default and Simple.

Download the Slideshow demo created through PNG ToolKit by clicking on this link:    Slideshow Demo 2018

Extract files from the zip archive and run the PngTKShow.exe player to start the slideshow.

   png  optimization

PNG Optimization

This tool optimizes* the PNG images by compressing data without loss of quality.
Images can be published on the Web by improving site performance and reducing data usage.

Optimization example:

PNG image with  256 x 256 px (32-bit)

Before:     63,1 Kbyte

After:     55,5 Kbyte (reduction:  12,1%)

* PNG ToolKit uses the great OptiPNG application to optimize the images (version 0.7.7 - created by Cosmin Truta)


A new PNG ToolKit window is now entirely dedicated to worklist conversions in 33 different formats including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF or PDF, offering numerous customization options to create multi-page documents or jpeg files, animated gifs or icons.

The Jpeg Quality Comparison allows to easily choose the best compression level suitable for your needs.

The Special Conversions tool allows to convert 61 different image formats, included the RAW files of the digital cameras, into the most popular and commonly used formats: PNG, JPEG or TIFF. It also allows to create thumbnails of the original images during the conversion process, export the PSD files layers (Adobe Photoshop) to single separated images or create encrypted images with password and AES technology.

With the new Cryptography tool available in PNG ToolKit you can encrypt your images using as a password any combination of alphanumeric characters or symbols; the adopted AES technology will guarantee the highest possible level of security.

The image pixels will look like this:

Only the pixels of the image are encrypted, the metadata and any other information about image remain readable by anyone with access to the file.

  images  CORREctION

Essential tool to correct:  Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma and Color Temperature

Try the new Automatic Exposure Correction tool, you will get extraordinary results from your digital photographs solving the issues of incorrect exposure:

   filters and effects

There are 19 different artistic effects to transform the images:  Sepia, Grayscale, Bitmap, Invert, Psychedelic, Emboss, etc.

Filters and Effects

   hash codes creation:  md5, sha1, crc32

Png ToolKit quickly creates (from any files type) the most common Hash Codes (MD5, SHA-1, CRC32) used for assuring integrity of the transmitted data.

Hash codes creation (MD5, SHA1 and CRC32)

   html images gallery

This tool allow to easily and quickly create Html Images Gallery compatible with most browsers and customizable in appearance and functionalities.

The html images gallery created don't require other installed software and the html, css and javascript codes require a few kilobytes of free space on the hard disk.

What is a Responsive Html Gallery?
They are Html Galleries whose look is adaptable to all devices: desktops, tablets, phones. The Html and CSS codes allow to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen.

3 available templates:

  • Html Images Gallery - Template 1
  • Html Images Gallery - Template 2
  • Html Images Gallery - Template 3 Responsive

   web colors table

New color selection tool. You can use it in PNG ToolKit instead of the standard color selection window of the Operating System, or whenever you have to choose a combination of colors, foreground and background, for your creative work, with the guarantee of using only safe colors for the Web according to the X11 color scheme, compatible with most web browsers.

The integrated converter will also allow you to calculate and obtain the hexadecimal value of any RGB color.

  • Hash codes creation (MD5, SHA1 and CRC32)


The histogram of an image is a graphical representation of the tonal distribution of a digital image, that allows to view and evaluate if details have been lost due to excessive brightness or excessively dark shadows.
The histogram, then, is a reliable way of deciding wether or not a photograph is correctly exposed. It allows to see if an image is over or under exposure, and, if necessary, to use the Automatic Exposure Correction tool to fix the photograph issue.

The following example shows a landscape photograph with its relative histograms:

The original image appears to be excessively bright and lacking in contrast, in fact the histograms show the lack of black in the image and the left part of the graph devoid of information, showing that in the image there are no dark or black pixels.

The same image after the Automatic Exposure Correction:

   compressed archive (zip)

Compressed Archive creation

PNG ToolKit can quickly and easily create a compressed Zip archive with images from your worklist. The file thus created can be stored as a backup, or electronically sent and subsequently opened directly by the Windows operating system or by any application compatible with the Zip compression format.

The use of a password, if properly complex, will also guarantee a high level of security, preventing unauthorized opening of your archive.

   backup  restore

PNG ToolKit automatically makes a backup copy of each processed image to ensure maximum security and prevent loss of original images. From the Backup Restore tool, you can easily retrieve the original versions of your images.

This default setting of the application can be enabled or disabled on any tools window.

  IMAGes compatibility - full list

Import, processing and preview of the following formats:

  • PNG
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • JPEG Dati URI
  • PNG Dati URI
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • PNM
  • TGA

Export of the processed images to the following formats:

  • PNG
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • JPEG2000
  • JPEG con Dati URI
  • PNG con Dati URI
  • TIFF

Images conversion from PNG, BMP, GIF, PNM, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, Data URIs to the following formats:

  • PNG  -  Portable Network Graphics
  • PNG  -  with Data URIs
  • JPEG  -  Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • PDF  -  Portable Document Format (anche Multipagina)
  • TIFF  -  Taggeg Image File Format (anche Multipagina)
  • GIF  -  CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
  • JPEG2000  -  Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • JPEG  -  with Data URIs
  • BMP  -  Microsoft Windows Bitmap
  • ICO  -  Microsoft Icon
  • AAI  -  Dune Image
  • AVS  -  AVS X Image
  • BMP2  -  Microsoft Windows Bitmap v2
  • BMP3  -  Microsoft Windows Bitmap v3
  • DCX  -  Zsoft IBM PC Paintbrush image
  • DIB  -  Microsoft Windows Device Ind. Bitmap
  • EPDF  -  Encapsulated Portable Document
  • HDR  -  Radiance RGBE Image Format
  • OTB  -  On-the-air Bitmap
  • PBM  -  Portable bitmap format (Black/White)
  • PCDS  -  Photo CD
  • PCX  -  Zsoft IBM PC Paintbrush file
  • PDB  -  Palm Database ImageViewer Format
  • PFM  -  Portable float map format
  • PGM  -  Portable graymap format (gray scale)
  • PICT  -  Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT file
  • PNG48  -  Portable Network Graphics (48-bit)
  • PNG64  -  Portable Network Graphics (64-bit)
  • RGF  -  Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Graphic File
  • SUN  -  SUN Rasterfile
  • TGA  -  Truevision Targa Image
  • VICAR  -  Vicar Rasterfile Format
  • VIFF  -  Khoros Visualization Image File

Import and conversion to PNG, JPEG o TIFF of the following formats:

  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  • JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop
  • BMP - Microsoft Windows Bitmap
  • GIF - CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
  • ICO - Microsoft Icon
  • JP2 - Jpeg-2000 File Format
  • JPT - Jpeg-2000 File Format
  • J2C - Jpeg-2000 Code Stream Syntax
  • AI - Adobe Illustrator CS2
  • DCX - ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush
  • DIB - Microsoft Windows Ind. Bitmap
  • EPDF - Encapsulated Portable Document
  • HDR - Radiance RGBE Image
  • HEIC - Apple High Efficiency Image
  • HRZ - Slow Scane TeleVision
  • MAT - Matlab Image Format
  • MTV - Raytracing Image Format
  • PALM - Palm pixmap
  • PBM - Portable bitmap (black and white)
  • PCD - Photo CD
  • PCX - ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush
  • PDB - Palm Database Image Format
  • PGM - Portable graymap format
  • PICT - Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/Pict
  • PIX - Alias/Wavefront image file
  • PSB - Adobe Large Document Format
  • RLA - Alias/Wavefront image file
  • RLE - Utah Run lenght encoded image
  • SCT - Scitex Continuous Tone Picture
  • SFW - Seattle File Works image
  • SGI - Irix RGB image
  • SUN - Sun Rasterfile
  • TGA - Truevision Targa
  • TIM - PSX TIM file
  • VICAR - Vicar Rasterfile Format
  • VIFF - Khoros Visualization Image
  • WPG - Word Perfect Graphics File
  • XCF - GIMP image
  • XPS - Microsoft XML Paper Specif.
Raw formats of digital cameras:

  • 3FR - Hasselblad CFV/H3D39II
  • ARW - Sony Digital Camera Alpha Raw
  • CR2 - Canon Digital Camera Raw
  • CRW - Canon Digital Camera Raw
  • DCR - Kodak Digital Camera Raw
  • DNG - Digital Negative Raw Format
  • ERF - Epson RAW Format
  • K25 - Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image
  • KDC - Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image
  • MEF - Mamiya Raw Image File
  • MRW - Sony (Minolta) Raw Image
  • NEF - Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw
  • NRW - Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw
  • ORF - Olympus Digital Camera Raw
  • PEF - Pentax Electronic File
  • RAF - Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File
  • RW2 - Panasonic Lumix Raw Image
  • SR2 - Sony Raw Format 2
  • SRF - Sony Raw Format
  • X3F - Sigma Camera RAW Picture File

   Feature not available                                                     Feature available

1) Data URI:

The data URI scheme (Uniform Resource Identifier) is a way that provides to include data in-line in web pages as if they were external resources. Since 2015 the data URIs are supported by the most important browsers. This solution allows to add small images directly in the web pages encoding such images in ASCI format using the Base64 scheme that encodes binary data to text.

2) Multilanguage User Interface:

Currently available languages for both editions of PNG ToolKit are: Italian, English.