png toolkit  roadmap and version history

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work in progress & achieved goals

Implementation of the new OptiPNG 0.7.7


User interface in Spanish language


Html Images Gallery


Export to PDF format


Zip archive creation


New customization settings for Slideshow


New Slideshow Templates


Web colors table


Improvements of the Tools User Interface


Integrated audio converter tool to prepare Slideshow soundtrack [ paused ]


Improvement of Cutting tools [ paused ]


New Sitemap tool


Implementation of the ImageMagick as a graphical processing engine


and much more...

 100%  Indicates a feature already available into the latest downloadable version of PNG ToolKit Professional

version summary

  • 2018

    June 26, 2018

    "Export" and "Rotate and Flip" tools redesigned, implemented ImageMagick as a graphical processing engine, export to PDF format, new "Special Conversions" tool, Automatic Exposure Correction, Histogram Display, Web Colors Table, Animated Gif creation...


    March 26, 2018

    New user interface of the tools windows, new Slideshow template, new Html Gallery, Zip archive creation, fixes and improvements...

  • 2017

    June 8, 2017

    Fixes and improvements of the Slideshow user interface...


    June 4, 2017

    Fixes and improvements...


    April 27, 2017

    First online publishing of PNG ToolKit

  • 2016

    December 10, 2016

    First stable release

  • 2015
  • The PNG ToolKit project begins

    October 6, 2015


 New                               Improved                                Fixed

June 26, 2018


  • The external progam "ImageMagick" of ImageMagick Studio LLC has been implemented as a graphical processing engine in some tools of PNG ToolKit
  • Export to PDF format with setting options of page and compression
  • 24 new export formats
  • New "Special Conversions" tool that can import 56 different file formats, including the 20 most common RAW formats of the digital cameras, and convert them to PNG, JPEG or TIFF formats.
  • New "Web Colors Table" tool with 4 display modes to select the Web safe colors (so-called X11 Standards color set)
  • Converting and export to multipage TIFF format
  • Images encryption with password and AES technology
  • Histograms display to verify if a photograph is correctly exposed
  • Automatic Crop of the rotated images
  • Automatic Exposure Correction
  • Animated GIF creation
  • Icon creation in Microsoft Icon Format even with multiple resolutions
  • Added checkbox control to limit the total amount of pixels of the exported images
  • Added option to set the maximum size of the exported Jpeg file
  • Added option to change the font size used in all the worklist of the program
  • Display of the compression Report for the created Zip archive
  • 10 buttons to save the favorite folders in the Zip Archive tool
  • Quick thumbnails creation tool
  • Option to extract each layer of the PSD file (Adobe Photoshop) and export them creating separated PNG images
  • Added drop-down menu in the Canvas Resize tool to view and select the default size
  • Added a checkbox control in the fullscreen preview window to disable the image fitting at the window size

  • Fixed the issue of missing displaying of the application Menu after the Slideshow creation
  • Fixed the issue of missing creation of the image preview with the default effect if the user has not selected a different effect
  • Fixed the issue of the worklist in the "Zip Archive" tool not emptied when the window is closed
  • Fixed the New file creation procedure in the "Export" tool of the image selected in the worklist
  • Fixed in the "Watermark" and "Rotate and Flip" tools the behavior of the drop-down list control to set the custom color when the user cancel the color selection
  • Fixed the behavior of the "Save as..." button in the "Correction and Effects" tool that processed the selected image without asking to type the new filename
  • Fixed the issue of not previewing GIF images format in the application main window; the same issue is being solved even in each tools windows of the program
  • Fixed the issue of selecting and synchronizing thumbnails with the worklist in the application main window
  • Some minor bug fixes

  • Updated OptiPNG to the latest available version (0.7.7), released by Cosmin Truta author to fix security-sensitive issues
  • Redesigned the "Export" and "Rotate and Flip" tools that now use the ImageMagick application as a graphical processing engine
  • Automatic opening of the window to select the target folder, in all tools windows, if the user unmark the "Source folder" checkbox when the target folder is not yet selected and the relative field is empty

March 26, 2018


  • New User Interface of the tools windows with a new optimized Control Panel
  • New Html Images Gallery tool with three available templates and numerous customizable options
  • Added a new Slideshow template
  • Added a new button into the Worklist Control Panel to quickly create a zip archive with the images of the worklist
  • New and more effective Offset options to place the watermark on the images (Watermark Tool)
  • Added Slideshow preview during the design phases of a project
  • Added functions to save/open the slideshow project settings
  • Added New Folder button into the Resource Panel and Worklist Control Panel
  • Added Reset button to restore the default settings of Margins and Offset in the Watermark tool
  • Added the possibility to start the program by dragging the selected images from Windows Explorer to program shortcut

  • Fixed the issue of the accidental damage of the processed original images
  • Fixed the issue of not applying search filters enabled in the Resource Panel if different from PNG format
  • Fixed wrong logo resizing in the Watermark tool (if logo size slider was not used, its value was not updated to the real default value)
  • Fixed the data integrity check of the application settings register installing a new application version
  • Fixed the resizing issue of the tools windows when using Maximize and Restore commands
  • Resolved the tooltips issue not displayed in the Previous and Next Image buttons in all tools windows
  • Some minor bug fixes

  • Improved the Slideshow default template
  • Source code optimization to reduce the application resources consumption
  • Improved tools windows resizing with flicker reduction
  • Improved application installer that automatically creates a file association of Html Gallery and Slideshow project file with application
  • Set the default font in the Watermark tool

June 8, 2017


  • Added the tooltips option in the settings file of the application

  • Resolved the issue of not disabling tooltips in all tools windows
  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Slideshow application:
    • Fixed the issue of missing displaying of the Slideshow icon in the taskbar
    • Fixed the soundtrack displaying behavior when thumbnails viewer is displayed
    • Fixed the issue of long filenames displaying in the thumbnails viewer
    • Resolved the images list position if the thumbnails viewer is displayed

June 4, 2017


  • Added new button in the Resource Panel that reloads the last used folder refreshing the worklist; the button action depends on the enabled images type
  • Added the checkbox in the Special ToolBar to enable/disable all tooltips
  • Added status dialog window displayed in the images processing
  • Added language option for user interface of Slideshow player application in the Slideshow tool window
  • Slideshow player application:
    • Added thumbnails viewer
    • Added new slide selection methods
    • Added help file

  • Resolved the issue with thumbnails option not applied at any application start
  • Fixed the issue with button Invert in the Resource Panel that in some cases disables all buttons of images type selection
  • Fixed localization to English
  • Fixed the position of some controls after the Slideshow tool window resizing
  • Resolved the issue with button Settings in the Correction and Effects tool window that does not automatically apply changes
  • Fixed the selected folder loading in the recent folders list (File menu)
  • Resolved the issue with missing preview of caption style (bold, italic, underlined) in the Slideshow tool window
  • Resolved the issue with missing DLL in the standalone Slideshow player application on Windows 8, 10
  • Fixed localization to English in standalone Slideshow player application
  • Some minor bug fixes in the standalone Slideshow player application

  • Expanded list of thumbnails default size
  • Added QHD size in the default size list of the Resize tool window
  • Improved captions settings in the Slideshow tool window

April 27, 2017    First online publishing

    Added button to create hash codes (MD5, SHA1 and CRC32) from any files

  Fixed the issue  with Tif file creation

  Several minor bug fixed

December 10, 2016

  • First stable release

The PNG ToolKit project begins

Logo of PNG ToolKit

October 6, 2015