Politica dei Rimborsi


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase it is possible to download from this website the trial versions of the software allowing to them to evaluate the products and verify the compatibility on their computer configuration. The trial versions are complete versions with some limitation*: limited trial period (usually of 30 days), watermark placed on the output of the processed images, limited amount of images that can be processed by some application tools, limited export formats for the processed images.

The trial version limits allow in any case to examine each software feature before purchasing it.

This website does not offer refunds when the customer:

  • is not satisfied with the features, or lack of features, described on this website and available in the trial version

  • has reconsidered purchasing the program

  • no longer needs the program

  • does not like the program

  • did not find a particular feature he wanted

  • has found a program he likes better after having purchased this product

The customer can request a refund within 30 days of purchase when he encounters one of the following problems related to the program or purchase process:

  • the customer accidentally purchased the same program twice.
If two orders for the same program are placed within 10 days of each other, one of the orders can be fully refunded. In this case, the customer must provide the order numbers and transaction information for both orders.

  • the program has a persistent technical issue that the Support Team has been unable to resolve.
If the customer has encountered a technical problem with the program, he should contact our Support Team and provide a detailed description, screenshots of the issue, and any requested information. Failure to provide the requested information will lead to rejection of the refund request. If the problems does not depend on incompatibility with the user's hardware or other causes external to the program, the customer can request a refund.

  • the customer experienced activation problems not solved within a reasonable time.


If the program has already been activated with the keys sent by the author, the refund request will not be accepted without first having performed the procedure for destroying the activation keys of the program.

* The limits of the software trial version can be modified by the author in any time without notice.