license registration

register here your license

If you have purchased the license, to register and activate the program, enter the required data and click the Send button.

Within 24/48 business hours you will receive the License Key (to activate the license) and the Activation Key (to activate the program tools) to your email address to activate the application.

Safely keep the License Key because it is also the password for access to your reserved area.

If the license key has not been received within 48 business hours, ensure that:

  • the incoming mailbox (of the registered email address) is not full
  • the email from this address has not been marked as spam (Junk mail folder).

If after these verifies the License and Activation Key has not been yet received, send an email to the address entering again the data: First Name, Last NameRegistration ID, Hardware ID (if available), Order Number.

Enzo Fleri respects your privacy, will never disclose your personal information to third parties, and will never use those to send you unsolicited advertising material.  To know the Privacy Policy adopted by this website, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

The fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are mandatory

Registration ID is an alphanumeric string displayed in the License Registration window at any program startup
Alphanumeric string displayed in the Tools Activation window. If the evaluation period of the program has already expired, the application can no longer be used; to display the tools activation window and see the Hardware ID, you first must complete the License Registration, obtain the License Key and then you will be able to start the program.
The License Key and Activation Key will be sent to this email address

registration id

  • Window of License Registration
  • CTRL + C copies the selected text, CTRL + V pastes the previously copied text

The License Registration window is displayed at any program startup during the trial period. 

How to copy the Registration ID:

  1. In the first window type your personal information First Name, Last Name and email address, and click on OK button.
  2. In the next window the Registration ID is displayed. It is a long alphanumeric string; to avoid errors select it with the mouse and press the CTRL+C key combination on the keyboard to copy it.
  3. Click on the Registration ID field of this webpage and press the CTRL+V key combination to paste the previously copied Registration ID.

hardware id

  • Button to open the Tools Activation Window
  • Button to copy the Hardware ID

Hardware ID is displayed in the Tools Activation window.

How to copy the Hardware ID:

  1. Click on the button with orange padlock located in the Special Toolbar of the program to open the Tools Activation window.
  2. Click on the Copy button to copy the Hardware ID displayed in the Tools Activation window.
  3. Click on the Hardware ID field of this webpage and press the CTRL+V key combination to paste the previously copied Hardware ID.


If the trial period has expired, the Tools Activation window and the Hardware ID can no more be displayed. To receive the Tools Activation Key you have to complete the License Registration only by entering the Registration ID.

Received the License Key,  you can complete the License Registration and start the program, then the Tools Activation window and the Hardware ID can be displayed; now you can type the Hardware ID in this webpage to register and obtain the Activation Key necessary to activate each program tool.